Learners presented their views on the topic Demonetisation of money. They were divided into groups wherein one group expressed their points for the topic and the other against the topic. The engagement improved learners social and thinking skills.


Under the theme "How we express ourselves" learners enhanced their creative and organizing skills by creating different logos with the help of shapes and colours.

Election process

Elections for class representatives were conducted in the class wherein learners made association with governmental election procedure. Beginning from registration process till the end i.e. voting and selection of the right candidate, learners understood various stages of election. Learners were seen Enthusiastic during campaigning process and confidently presented their positive attributes to their peers.

Guest Lecture - Governing system in France and India

PYP 3 Learners got an opportunity to gain knowledge about governing system in France and India through guest lectures conducted by our French Faculty Ms. Monika Bajaj and Hindi facilitator Ms. Vishakha respectively. Ms. Monika through a informative PPT discussed about national flag of France and governing hierarchy of France. Ms. Vishakha discussed with learners about democracy and Ministers in charge at various positions in governing system in India. Leaners were curious to know more and raised various questions to the facilitators. The guest lectures were surely an add on to learners understanding of the theme.

Mind - Mapping

As part of prior knowledge check, learners made a mind map on "Government" wherein they came up with definition and functions of government. This laid base for proceeding further into Unit of inquiry.


Visual Art

The delightful learners of PYP-3 made unique posters, Well aposter is a piece of artwork which includes both textual and graphical elements. Although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly textual. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative and can be used for many purposes. The learners made captivating posters by using various tools such as colours and types of art such as collage making to support campaigning process.